Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Instructions for My Husband: What I'd like for Mother's Day

Not that you asked, and certainly not that whatever sweet things the kids make aren't enough (because they are dear children, of course they are!), but if you just so happened to be shopping... here are just a few ideas:

This super-fabulous modern desk from George Nelson:

Anything by Jennifer Fisher Jewelry. Really, I mean it, anything....
From JenniferFisherJewelry.com
And finally? I would love a no gas push mower. To go with my compost. You know I'm serious about being a wannabe-Amish farmer.

You say I'll hate mowing the lawn. But look how happy this lady looks. I'm sure I'll be a smiley happy mower, too.
Photo from CleanAirGardening.com
Think how nice I'll look out mowing the lawn, while wearing my new necklace (or ring, or bracelet, honestly it is your choice). And, just imagine how much I'll love sitting at my new desk, looking out over my beautifully cut lawn, secure in the knowledge it was mowed without creating any noise pollution or causing harm to the environment. And yes, I do think expensive jewelry is compatible with my Amish farmer aspirations.

I recently read a great and funny post from Wendi Aarons "Your Ad Here" about bloggers dropping company names in the hopes that they will take notice. I am only dropping these names for one person, who I don't think is reading anyway, and that is probably for the best.

This is the twelfth post in my ongoing series Instructions for my Husband.

Anyone else have material requests for Mother's Day?


Jill@lamemom said...

Anna -- great reminder. I need to get on those helpful hints for my beloved! How else can I expect him to get just the right thing? I agree that ALL Amish farmers like nice jewelry, deep down. And don't forget the exercise component that comes along with your new mower!

mannahattamamma.com said...

Too funny. I compost but luckily have no lawn (I take my rotting veggies to the farmer's market bins). The real gift, of course, would be to not have to ask for a gift. In short, YES PLEASE READ MY MIND. Because what I really want (and I can't believe I'm alone in this) is to be the person who isn't organizing everything. Simple, yes? And so easily wrapped.

Katy said...

Haha. That was a crackup! Hope you get all of the above and more!!

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