Monday, May 16, 2011

If your kids loved Silly Bandz they are gonna go crazy for RadRingz!

Last weekend we got a box in the mail. With my blogging gig my kids have gotten a little too used to unexpected stuff arriving in the mail for them. So they didn't even care that much about what was inside The Box.

RadRingz from SillyBrandz
That was until we opened The Box.

Inside The Box were several packs of RadRingz, the latest offering from SillyBrandz Global who also make Silly Bandz, which my daughters were and still are obsessed with collecting.

To put it mildly, they flipped out. Kay and Magpie deemed RadRingz "awesome," "perfect," and perhaps the ultimate compliment: "these are even cooler then Silly Bandz. Seriously."

Like Silly Bandz, RadRingz encourage collecting with each Ring Pack containing a two-finger ring with three interchangeable inserts that can be used to create different styles. Kay (Kindergarten) tried the Princess Ring Pack ($6.95), which is "inspired by today’s teen celebrities."
Magpie (second grade) eagerly chose the Rock Ring Pack ($6.95), which has Rock 'n' Roll themed inserts which "offer a variety of messages and images perfect for displaying your rocker personality."
Both girls generously agreed that Hipster ($6.95) should be given to their Uncle E. It is a perfect choice for him as this pack is "inspired by the independent style of today’s young artists and will make your look trendy and cutting edge."  What else would a Brooklyn hipster want?
I received several RadRingz packs to review, and my kids (ages five and seven) thought they were the greatest invention since, uh, Silly Bandz. I'm also an affiliate.

Please note when buying, the rings come in six sizes (youth to adult) so measure to ensure you get the right fit for the princess, rock star or hipster in your life.


I'm Jennifer. said...

Boo and Dipsy went nuts over Silly Bandz. Then their schools banned them and now there are shoeboxes full of Silly Bands under their beds...
I'm sure they'll go nutz over Rad Ringz too, so long as there are enough boyish styles.

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

My students love silly bandz. Based on the pics above, these actually do look pretty cool. Perhaps even cooler than silly bandz. LOL.

Jill said...

Kids are going to go crazy for these. Maybe adults too. I recently saw a couple sifting through a bin at Duane Reade. Amazing.

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

Thanks, Anna, Just another thing I must suffer through wanting for another three months. OH WAIT. I could totally "buy them for Cal." I'm a genius.

Anna said...

My kids still love their silly bandz even though they were banned also at their school.

I am pretty sure these rings will be banned too, so the kids better enjoy them while they can!

and @Jill I was also a little surprised to see them sold in adult sizes, but based on your comment I guess there's a market for them!

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