Saturday, November 29, 2008

One more reason to avoid the big chain stores

I cannot believe that a man died on Friday because of shoppers insane desire for the latest and cheapest TV, or whatever it was that seemed worthy of line-waiting, five-am-arriving, running, and ultimately, ending a man's life in the quest of something sold at Wal-Mart. What has this world come to?

If I didn't already semi-boycott chain stores, this would be reason enough to start. I don't shop 100% local, but I do try to buy from the "little guy" when I can. I blame the culture of possession in this country just as much as I blame every one of the people involved in this horrifying expression of Americanism. I don't even celebrate Christmas, but I am pretty sure this is not what the "Christmas spirit" is all about.

As I read on another blog: "You know, it makes so much sense that this happened at Wal-Mart, the epitome of American grossness. I hope that on Christmas morning, when the Wal-Mart savages' children are opening their stupid presents, they tell them "I hope you like it, because I had to kill a man for it."

Sunday, November 2, 2008

And One Last Halloween Update - What We Gave Out to the Trick or Treaters

After all the candy discussions, we got no trick-or-treaters at all, probably because there was a large sewer truck parked outside of our house due to a problem at the house about three doors down.

If we had gotten a trick-or-treater, you can see what our two candy bowls looked like: mini-fruit-roll-ups, mini play-dohs, leftover kosher lollipops, and dum-dums with gum in the middle I bought by accident back in August.
It's almost like someone had already told the local kids to skip our house....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The pirates and their treasure

Halloween, Suburban NY, 2008

A Larchmont Halloween

Some people's houses were impressive....

...but the highlight of the night was going to Franklin's house:

Anna (to Franklin's mom, when she opens the door): Hi! Magpie and Kay insisted that the house they wanted to go to the most was Franklin's!

Franklin's mom: Isn't that sweet! I don't know where Franklin is right now, or I'd have him come say hello... honey (yells to husband) do you know where Franklin is?

Franklin's dad: I'm not sure, I think he might have gone up the street...

Mike, Mapgie/Kay dad: Hi, I'm Mike. Nice to meet you. Are Franklin and Magpie in the same class at school?

Magpie and Kelly: Daddy!!!!! Franklin's a cat!!!!!
Mike: Oh.
After Franklin's house, the second highlight of the night was... CANDY!

This Little Light of Mine

When you hear the line: "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.."
What do you think of?

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