Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Now This I Gotta Buy

Magpie and Kay are both promised dogs - or the pet of their choice - on their ninth birthday. Never have I so much wished for a family dog as now, just so we could have the pooch wear this.

For more elitist merchandise, go here.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Learning about Suburban Life with the Learning House by Fisher Price

When Magpie's sister Kay was born, we decided we needed to get Magpie a really good Big Sister gift. Partially, we were doing this because she deserved something good to soften the blow of  going from top banana to just another banana.

And partially, we were giving Magpie a big gift so she'd have something to do when the other banana needed to be fed, put to sleep, or any of those other pesky things babies are always needing.

On the recommendations of several friends we got her Fisher Price's Learning House.  And it was great.  Magpie, and later Kay, spent hours playing with it and exploring the many features from telling time, to counting, to shape sorting on the door.

The funniest part, though, were the House aspects of the toy that were totally foreign to this apartment-dwelling city kid.

What's a mailbox?

What's a front door?

What's a door bell?

Magpie, Uncle Ethan, and Baby Kay.

And my brother, pictured below, loved most Magpie's confusion about what the red thingy was and the green stuff all over the base of the toy.

It's a flower, Magpie.  And the green plastic? It's grass

Just goes to show you: you can put the suburbs in a New York City apartment, but you can't put it in a City

Girl's heart.

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