Thursday, May 12, 2011

Two Ways of Looking at An Ant

I. My daughter Magpie looks at an ant:

Mom, Magpie asks, can you open the front door for me?

It is freezing cold out. The kind of cold that makes a mom like me think there is no way I'm opening the front door for no good reason.

I inquire further, I could open the door, but why exactly uh would I be opening the door?

Magpie replies: I just gotta let this little guy go, that's all,and she shows me an ant crawling up her arm.

II. My daughter Kay looks at an ant:
Mom!!!! Mom!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alarmed, I run up the stairs to Kay's room.

What's up little bear? I ask with genuine concern.

There is an ANT!!!!!!!!!! On my bed!!!!!!!! Get it! Get it! GET IT!!!!!!!!

I indeed "get it" with a tissue, and it is gone.

All gone, little pie. Not to worry, there's no more ant, I tell her.

She wails back, But Mom, there WAS an ant! An ANT!!! On my bed!! Are you SURE it's gone?

I'm linking-up to Finding the Funny at the hilarious Kelley's Breakroom and My Life and Kids.

Feel free to share your ant reactions in the comments below.

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