Friday, March 21, 2014

Munch Madness with deLish Snacks from Duane Reade!

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We're big basketball fans at our house, especially my oldest daughter who plays in the town league (and also constantly in the house).

My husband follows college basketball pretty closely, although less so this year as his team won't be competing for the National Championship. But hey, winning the NIT is still something, uh right?

When I heard about a fun opportunity to put together Munch Madness snacks with deLish products from Duane Reade, I knew I could find something great for my basketball-loving family.

There really are a lot of deLish snack options to choose from at Duane Reade, whether you're looking for sweet, salty or even healthy. I had the color orange on my mind to fit in with the basketball theme, and got cheese from the refrigerated section of the store near the drinks and then headed over to the aisle marked grocery, snacks and peanuts that had just about anything you could want in the way of snacks.

 photo MunchMadnessDuaneReade.jpg

I had seen a cute idea on Pinterest to turn fruit cups into basketballs, so I knew that would be part of my Munch Madness spread. I also grabbed a few more of my kids favorite snacks - pistachios, rice cakes, crackers and of course, cookies.

I was undecided on which cookies to get and then I saw these ones with a castle on them and thought perfect, I'll make it a riddle for them playing off the idea of a "King's court" and a "basketball court." Also not bad: they were on sale.

 photo deLishcookies-2.jpg

When I got home, I had a nice assortment to choose from to arrange our basketball snacks, including the addition of basketball clementines.

 photo delishsnacksfromduanereade.jpg

After I arranged our game day snacks on a serving tray, also turning the diced peaches into basketballs,
 photo DuaneReadebasketballsnacks.jpg

I started thinking these snacks would also make a really fun basketball-themed lunch, too. I added a cheese sandwich with basketball illustration, and wrote a shout-out to her pick to win the NCAA college basketball championship on the cheese stick.

 photo basketballlunchbox.jpg

I also included a riddle in her lunchbox, "What does a castle have in common with a basketball game? They both have a court!"

I think it turned out great, and my little basketball player loved it!

To get your own Munch Madness snacks from Duane Reade, visit a store near you. And stay up to date with all things Duane Reade on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Favorite Things Friday: Free Getty Images

Did you see the news? Many Getty images can now be used for free, just by using the embed code available on the Getty site.

Some think this isn't great for a variety of reasons, including that Getty could swap the image if they wanted to at any time and also because if their site is down your image becomes a broken link.

But for me, it's great news I don't host the image. Because for a while now I have been unable to upload photos to my blog. I have tried a lot of things to try and solve the problem, but no luck.

So Getty, I welcome your embedded images so my posts can have pictures again!

And not just any photos, awesome pictures like this one with both Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Amy Poehler.

Or how about this fabulous one with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chelsea Handler? I don't think I even imagine them hanging out together, whereas I can totally see Julia and Amy being friends.

And look, here's Jessica Seinfeld and Naomi Watts! Who knew all these celebrities were hanging out at the same events.

I don't know about you, but I think the Getty image search may be my new favorite time suck on the Internet. Let's see who I can find with Lena Dunham...

P.S. Just in case you're wondering, not compensated in any way for writing this ode to Getty. Just digging the free photo use.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Notes from the New York Toy Fair

One of my favorite events of the year is the New York Toy Fair. I go every year to see what's new in the world of toys. And while I saw a ton of amazing products that I can't wait to write about and also to buy my own kids, I also saw a bunch of stuff I just don't think is good for kids.

There's a ton of pink for girls, and blue for boys which just seems so limited.

There's a ton of Hello Kitty and Snow White and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on decks of cards and board games, which I think would be just as good (i.e., better) without the commercial tie-in.

But alas, pink princesses and Disney characters sell stuff, and so I do get it.

I shared my picks for the best and the worst from the Toy Fair at Barista Kids. You can read Trends and Top Picks from the 111th Annual American Toy Fair HERE.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Breakfast at Our House

Scene: Father has just returned with bagels for the family's standard Sunday breakfast. Father serves bagels to the three children seated at the table, as mother drinks her coffee.

Father: What would you like on your bagel?

Nine-year-old: Cream Cheese and Lox.

Father: Sure, coming right up! And you, Kay? What would you like?

Seven-year-old: Butter. Please.

Father: Delighted to give you some butter, here you go! And Ziggy, what about you? What can I put on a bagel for you, buddy?

Four-year-old: Avocado and Chocolate Cake.

{End scene.}

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