Monday, January 18, 2010

My favorite part of the day

Kay and "Kluckers" tucked
in for the night.
Most nights, I am completely annoying to my kids at bedtime and ask them all sing-song in my best approximation of 1950s mother-ness, "And what was your favorite part of the day today, dear?"

Every once in a while the kids give me a genuine response, but more often then not they answer with something deep and illuminating like "eating poopy for dinner," or "hugging the baby too hard 'till you yelled at me to stop that immediately."

Still, mothering is nothing if not staying the course even when it seems utterly pointless, so as I sat relaxing on the sofa tonight I said, "Daddy's going to put you to bed tonight, but before he does, I just wanted to know... what was your favorite part of the day today, dear?"

And Kay says to me just as sweet as can be, "Oh Mommy, my favorite part of the day was the part when you put me to bed."

Nicely done, Kay. I hope it was.

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