Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun Crafts For Passover - Seder Plates, Handprint Matzoh Covers and a Frog with Handprint Feet!

Passover is one of my favorite holidays, but it also one of the most labor-intensive. It involves burning (at least symbolically) all the chometz in the house, preparing the Seder plate, and cooking a festive meal which is made more challenging since you cannot use any leavening at all. Oh, and you have to keep the no-eating-leavening going for eight days. These eight days, for me, will seem like about eight-hundred days, because my charming daughters are home from the school for the whole entire week.

But enough about that, and on to what Google Analytics tells me you really care about... handprint crafts and art projects for Passover!

Creative Jewish Mom has too many amazing ideas. I visit her blog for inspiration to be crafty with my kids - but I will admit our projects do not end up looking quite as good as hers do.

I am in love with the Ten Plagues Placards for Passover Seder, because the recitation of the ten plagues is a cherished tradition at our annual Seder, and I know this will help get the kids more involved. Best of all, the frog's legs are made with handprints!

Photo from has directions to Make a "Handy" Matzoh Cover, and it really is a wonderful addition to have as many parts of the Seder meal include items made by the kids who will be there. We have a nice collection of matzoh covers, as well as Cups for Elizah and Seder Plates, all hand-made and all the more precious because they are.

Photo from
And last, Sucre, spice & everything nice has perhaps the best Passover Kitsch seder plate I've ever seen:

Photo from Sucre and Spice
Look closely, it's all made from candy and was used not on Passover, but on... April Fool's Day.

Chag Sameach Pesach! Next Year in Jerusalem!


Anonymous said...

I love the ten plagues! We are definitely doing those. We'll do the frog in your honor.

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

These crafts look great. And like lots of fun!

Annie said...

Those are really awesome!! We were teaching our children in Sunday School about the passover and could have used these ideas. I will still use them (modified a bit, to make them easier) for my 4 yo daughter. She loves the story of baby moses, now to teach her what happened after he grew up!

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