Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm in the New York Post today!

Not Page Six, but still fun. My thoughts about girls' Halloween costumes are at the end of Would you let your child trick or treat in this?

How 'bout you? Should kid's costumes be more Amish Grandma or Hoochie Mama?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ladybugs on Halloween

Taking photos on our front stoop, on our way to the Hippo Park Halloween parade.

I'm officially a blogger now! And a New Jersey Mom!

That's right, I was quoted in the New York Post today as "Anna Sandler, a New Jersey mom and blogger..."

You can read all about the atrocities passing as halloween costumes for girls these days at Would you let your child trick or treat in this?
And, for anyone who is wondering, here's the questionable scarecrow costume.

Ghosts (and ladybugs and frogs) of Halloweens Past

This first pic is from Halloween 2007, when we lived in New York City. Magpie is almost three, and Kay is just a month over one year. We're on our way to the Hippo Park Halloween Parade, a great event and I highly recommend it if you are on the Upper West Side. This year, it's at 3:45 on Sunday, October 31. Meet at the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument at 89th Street and Riverside Drive, and follow the bagpipers!

Below is another pic from Halloween '07, about as inspired as I ever get, it seems I've tried to come up with an entire family theme based on the Blue's Clues costume we already had for Magpie. Kay is dressed-up as Magenta, and Dad is Steve. I vaguely recall putting some paw prints on my tee shirt and jeans and claiming I was the "clues. "

The next year, the girls picked-out there own costumes. Being in Kindergarten now, Magpie insisted it had to be scary. She went for the always-appropriate blood ninja. And her sister, the equally appropriate slutty scarecrow.

Last year's trip to the costume shop netted one Purple Witch and one Super Girl. These get-ups got worn again to a party yesterday (yay!), but I'll leave you in suspense to find out what the girls are wearing for their "real" Halloween costumes for the main event on Sunday.

It really is hard to believe how fast they grow-up.

Happy Halloween.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Halloween used to be one of my favorite holidays, but lately I'm not so sure if I love it or hate it. It used to be the most laid-back and easy-going of holidays, and with extra bonus candy! What's not to like? Lately though, I feel like this it's been totally Christmas-ized and super-sized, and I'm not buying it - and by it I mean the decorations, the costumes and the special over-priced Just for Halloween candy.

You can read me complaining some more in New Halloween: You're Giving Me a Headache on the Jersey Moms Blog.

How 'bout you - do you love Halloween? Should I find something else to complain about?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Picture Day

Let me set the scene:

It's a beautiful day, fall leaves perfectly changing color, blue sky, a slight wind. My daughters, because it was Picture Day at school, our well-attired, beautifully coiffed, a vision. I say, "Let's take a photo by the tree with all the red and orange leaves. It'll look so great!" They groan. They agree to take photos separately. I take them, they look as lovely as I had hoped.

"Now, let me just take one of you two together!" They protest. I take it anyway. And this, is what I get:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Football and Chocolate

Our house is a football watching house. I must admit I don't follow sportsball very much, but my husband has made it his life's work to make sure the kids are devoted Eagles fans, and that's fine with me.

Last Sunday was a big day here because the Eagles played the Redskins, my hometown team, so my brother and his friend came over for the big game. I've always really only been interested in the outfits, so in keeping with that I dressed my two daughters in their Eagles cheerleader outfits and put a Redskins shirt on the baby.

Then I realized I should probably feed my guests something, and found much like old Mother Hubbard, my cupboard was bare. I didn't have anything but grapes and pretzel rods which isn't exactly festive. At least I had plenty of beer.

If you are doing some football entertaining yourself, DOVE Chocolate is here to save you from having a plight similar to mine.

DOVE Chocolate is offering Ultimate Football Entertaining Kits for five lucky winners. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment and answer this all-important question: if you had to choose only one, would you spend a Sunday watching football or eating chocolate?
Prize packs include:
- Picnic bag with wine opener, cheese board and knife
- Plenty of DOVE Chocolate
- Recipes for new game day snacks
- Coupons for more DOVE Chocolate!

Contest ends next Friday, October 22. If your email address is not easily accessible, please leave it in your comment so I can contact you if you are one of the contest winners.

For more football entertaining tips, visit DOVE on Facebook.

Other contest small print: Contest open to U.S. residents age 18 and over. Contest ends 11:59pm EST Friday, October 22, 2010. Winners will be randomly selected and announced here as well as emailed with the good news. If winner does not respond within three days, a new winner will be selected. All prizes supplied by DOVE Chocolate. I was not compensated for promoting this contest.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Breakfast in Bed

When we were still apartment dwellers in Manhattan, we used to bring the kids breakfast in bed every Sunday morning. I'm not sure how, or why, the tradition started, but once it did we stuck with it.

In true New Yorker style, we ordered breakfast in (complete with coffee for mom) and then I'd put the food on a tray and we'd carry it the twenty feet from the kitchen into their room and they would eat on their beds very ceremoniously.

When we moved to a house in the suburbs, the tradition ceased almost immediately. Mostly, because it just isn't as much fun to actually have to make breakfast (the reality of our new lives - no delivery!) and then transport it up the stairs to their now separate bedrooms. And also partially because I guess I was just over it. But today, looking back at old photographs, this is one family tradition I wish we had kept going a little bit longer.

Maybe this weekend I'll bring them breakfast in bed, but to be honest, probably not.

One tradition I don't miss nearly as much - the days when the kids eating on the table, instead of at the table.

Oh, good times. Any traditions you no longer keep, but wish you did?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jersey-fication Complete!

Today I am making my transformation to Jersey Mom official. The (now defunct) NYC Moms Blog button is coming down, and my Jersey Moms Blog button is going up for all to see this middle-aged mom is now a Jersey girl.
You can read how much I Heart NJ here.
If you're a reader with love for NJ, tell me what the best things are about my new home state.

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