Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taking A Step Back in Time at My Local Hardware Store

Where I live has a total small-town vibe even though it's just miles from the wonder that is Manhattan.

I've become a regular at my local hardware store, where I like to ask endless questions of the patient and knowledgeable owner. His family has had the store for three generations, and I imagine he runs the place just like his father, and grandfather, did before him.

It is here that my husband bought me my beloved clean-air push reel mower. And it is here that we have bought rakes and hoes and all the other items required of our new suburban life as wannabe-Amish farmers. And here that I had answered 101 questions about what kind of grass seed I should buy. And how to plant the grass seed. And how to water the grass seed. And of course, how to mow the grass should it eventually grow.

I like going to this place. For the chats with the owner. And for the total anachronism.

Yes, the Juice-O-Mat is for sale. And as my friend at Mutterschwester would say, I'm Glad I Saw It.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Let's hear it for stopping to see (and sometimes smell) the minor things that make life more quirky. I appreciate the link-back, but please don't feel like you have to do that every time. ;)

Anna said...

thanks,@mutterschwester! and it's my pleasure to link back and share your great glad-i-saw-it finds with everyone!

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