Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Reflections

On Friday, both my school-aged kids brought home Mother's Day gifts.

From Kay, I got a lovely orange flower in a very pretty pot with her own paper purple flower planted in the soil as well. Adorable.

And from Magpie, something in a brightly-colored bag that was hidden with much fanfare and admonishments not to go peeking about in her room between then and Sunday. It turned out it was a beautifully painted flower pot with Artic Fire seeds inside that I could plant. Adorable.

It's all very sweet. And of course, being a sentimental type, I am truly touched. But it is all so unnecessary. I am shocked at my own good luck as I reflect on all I have this Mother's Day. I am like the donkey family at the end of Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, when they are all so happy just to be together as a family again.

Honestly, what more could I want this Mother's Day when I have already:
- three kids, two girls and a baby boy. All healthy. All good company. All funny.
- a nice house in a nice town with nice neighbors.
- a husband I can tolerate, and more importantly, a husband who can tolerate me.
- no job! And still, a roof over my head and ample money for low-heeled shoes and high-end chocolates. How many people can say that?

So my dear kids, while this may not be true every year, this year as the Duncan family says "...really, for now, what more could they wish for? They had all that they wanted."

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

I am recycling this post from last year. And scheduling it to auto-post on Mother's Day. 'Cause I'm in Boston at Bloggy Boot Camp with a lot of fantastic bloggers. And I'm grateful for that, too.


blueviolet said...

It sounds like absolute perfection to me!

I hope you're having a blast at Bloggy Boot Camp!

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

Heels and chocolates. You're my kind of woman.

Jill said...

I agree. It's all just gravy! So happy to spend the weekend with you! xo

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