Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Passover Gefilte Fish Revisited

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my kids and gefilte fish here.

Then, I did not serve gefilte fish at Passover because I didn't get around to getting any, and I'm very picky about where I like it from (i.e., not the grocery).

And then, I read that there was some massive gefilte fish shortage this year, and even people who did not forget to serve gefilte fish at their Passover dinner still couldn't serve gefilte fish because it could not be found anywhere, for love or money.

So of course now that I knew I couldn't have any, I needed to have some gefilte fish as if all my Passover happiness, and my family's Passover happiness, depended on it.

So with a bit of searching, I got some gefilte fish. From the local fish store, where I was told to my surprise that yes he was aware of the gefilte fish shortage, and yes, that in all his years in the business he had never, ever seen so many angry, sad, disappointed, unhappy, and just truly devastated customers as he had in those days leading up to Passover when he had to tell them he was out of gefilte fish.

But when I was there on the third night of Passover, some gefilte fish had returned to his ice covered shelves. So I purchased some of the now truly a miracle they're here! chopped fish, and brought it home and served it to my delighted children.

 photo gefilitefish.jpg

And even more delicious, the gefilite fish was paired with homegrown, homemade horseradish made by Cousin Mary.

 photo geflilteonmatzoh.jpg

And thus, the tradition of gefilte fish on the third night of Passover began.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Make A Matzoh House! Make A Mess! Make Memories!

I love doing craft projects with my kids.

I love asking my mom to help us with some inane part of these craft projects, like finding 82 silver triangle shaped buttons, or in this case, a cardboard model on which to build a matzoh house which I was sure would end up looking something like this:

 photo matzoh-house-from-matzoh.jpg

Alas, our matzoh house, it did not.

However what our matzoh house lacked in suitability as a Passover Seder centerpiece, it made up for as fodder for CraftFail. Read all about how not to make a matzoh house at Martha's Matzoh Mansion.

And many thanks to Robyn who not only described my ramshackle matzoh home as totally, utterly and completely Martha's fault, but created this as well:

 photo RecentlyUpdated108.jpg

Happy Passover!

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