Saturday, May 28, 2011

Instructions for my husband: We are not buying our daughters' Skechers

I know we probably should have had this discussion before we were in the midst of a full-scale meltdown in the shoe store, but our daughters' don't wear Skechers. I don't have a lot of rules I impose on the family - you know I am pretty much a free to be you and me kinda mom - but I am imposing this one:


And this is why: Because Skechers is selling SHAPE UP SHOES TO GIRLS. AS YOUNG AS SEVEN.

And we don't support that kind of anti-kid, anti-feminist, anti-human bullshit.

I looked around online, and couldn't find one review that argued that shape ups even work, so the company's fitness claims seem weak at best. And if the shoes had an exercise advantage, why are Skecher shape-ups only being sold to girls, and not to boys?

I am willing to reconsider this position if Skechers stops selling those shoes whose inappropriateness is only rivaled by the padded girls bikini from Abercombie.  (We don't shop there either.)

If you also think Skechers shouldn't be selling Shape Ups to girls, please sign this petition from Not sure what you think? Watch the Skechers commercial:

This is my seventeenth instruction for my husband in my ongoing series Instructions for My Husband.

Do you impose any family boycotts? Would you buy your daughter Skechers Shape Ups?


Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

What?! Stop it! Really? They sell those things for girls. Ew.

Jill said...

These two companies are on my shit list too. Absolutely disgusting. The problem, is that someone is buying or they wouldn't be producing.

Katy @ Dim Sum Debutante said...

Wow. That is really obscene. I've always been aesthetically offended by Skechers anyway, but this confirms that there will be an ethical throw down if The Nut ever deems them desirable.

Anonymous said...

That's completely inappropriate. :( It's a pity, because I'm actually liking my adult Skechers shoes. But it's terrible to be selling them to little girls!

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