Monday, May 16, 2011

Instructions for my Husband: Pickles do not grow on trees

Even the cucumbers from which the pickles come do not grow on trees. They also do not grow underground, though that was an excellent second guess. In fact, cucumbers grow on vines. As they did in our very own garden last summer. (The garden is the patch of vegetation surrounded by a very low square wall on the right-hand-side directly next to the garage.) See photo to left.

And no matter how emphatically you claimed that was "what you meant," there's no way you can convince me a vine is a tree.

And last, while we're on the subject, pickles aren't made by putting cucumbers in pickle juice. They're made by putting cucumbers in brine.

This is my fifteenth post in my ongoing series Instructions for My Husband.


Jill said...

Thanks for the clarification LOL!

Anna ~ Random Handprints said...

oh the things i have to explain to this man. it's like having another child i tell you, a whole other child.

Kimberly Chapman said...

Maybe like my 5 year old, he's just using his imagination? In his world, there's a happy pickle tree, watered by unicorn urine?

A Mommy in the City said...

Ha! I love this series!

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

What?! I don't believe you! Pickles DO grow on trees and they have that tangy delicious taste right off the branches. Ask my kid! That's what i've been telling her.

Here, here's my parenting license. It's probably going to get revoked.

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