Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tomorrow my baby turns seven

How can it be that I am the mom of a seven-year-old? Tomorrow, my sweet lil' Magpie turns the big seven. I can't believe it.

It's going to be an extra-special celebrating kind of day because it's also the third night of Hanukkah and she is just rubbing her hands together in anticipation of what kind of present load a Hanukkah-birthday gets you.

And because we live in these kinds of times, we also had an erev birthday celebration tonight and will continue the birthday festivities right through Sunday night.

But I'm not complaining. You're only seven once, baby.

Happy Birthday, Magpie. I'll never again get to tuck six-year-old you in for bed.

Here are some of my favorite pics of you from when you were wee, just 'cause I like to be nostalgic on your (erev) birthday. 


Melissa Chapman said...

I just love the progression of photots- I know it goes by in a blur- mine is going to be 10 in April... it's kind of disconcerting in a way-- it makes me want to soak up every little girl moment with her-- and your daughter is just precious! Happy birthday!

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

That is a wonderful trip down memory lane. What an awesome array of photos. Such a beautiful girl! If only she would stop eating her clothes!

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