Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Really Helpful Tips for Wives and Mothers #2: How to Wrap Presents without Wrapping Paper

This is my second offering in my new ongoing series of Really Helpful Tips for Wives and Mothers. Last week's tip covered how to wrap a present without any tape. Since present wrapping season is still upon us, this week we will tackle the equally difficult prospect of wrapping a present without any wrapping paper. 'Cause if you're like me, you always think you have wrapping paper for any occasion, but when you look at your options they're newborn baby boy or Happy 50th Birthday!

But with this week's Helpful Tip, you'll always have wrapping paper at the ready, even when you don't.

Here are a few reliable, easy ways to wrap a present sans traditional wrapping paper:
  • Cut-up a brown paper bag and add a twine bow for an old-fashioned, retro look
  • Use tin foil for a more festive holiday look, this method is especially good if you also don't have scissors and tape - just fold and press
  • Find some packing paper, decorate for a more personal touch
  • Recycle reading materials made obsolete by the digital age - phone books, calendars, maps, and for the literary, the dictionary
  • Locate a piece of fabric, anything from a bandanna to a dish towel will work, just make sure it's clean
  • Empty a bag of potato chips - seriously, just cut along the seam, wash, dry, and wrap shiny-side-out.  Don't believe me that this is a real idea? It is - directly from
Photo from
In fact, Martha has 46 great ideas for wrapping presents, from hand stamping with a wine cork to photocopying vibrant fabrics onto paper. I am clearly way out of my league.


Magpie said...

I am in love with Happy Tape. It makes newsprint look nice!

Anna said...

i love japanese tape, but i didnt know about happy tape, thanks for sharing. i am *so* going to go get a pile! (i am a tape-o-phile)

Jill said...

I love the look of a gift in brown paper!

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