Friday, June 3, 2011

Skechers has company! Two-and-a-half more bad companies!

Just a few days ago I posted about my distaste for Skechers shape ups for girls. Who knew in just 48-hours I would find two more companies who are just as bad for girls, possibly worse.

I present:

Walmart's "Spooning Leads to Forking" Pillow - being sold as Children's Bedding

Burberry's Perfume for Babies. Their Burberry Baby Touch is recommended for infants and toddlers. And best of all, it's only fifty bucks. For baby perfume.
So there you have it, Burberry and Walmart have something in common. Who would have guessed it?

Forever 21 was going to be on the list for their "I'm too pretty to do math" magnet, but I just read that it's no longer for sale. So yay for that. 

As the photos below show, clearly Forever 21 is a feminist company:


Kristin said...


That's all.

Nina said...

I saw that walmart bedding set a few weeks ago on someone's FB page... and all I thought was 'reason 4,329 TO NOT SHOP WALMART' I hate it there.

Jill said...

It's hard to believe these are real!

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