Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Parents Will Love "75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home"

I recently had the chance to review an advance copy of 75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home - a new eBook from Anna Luther (she writes the awesome and funny, and awesomely funny, blog My Life and Kids)
In the book, Anna provides seventy-five ideas for having a blast with your kids - at home. That's right, not a single suggestion in the book requires you or your children to get dressed and out the door or to use "indoor voices" amongst the general public. Because, as Anna put it so well:

"Let's be honest - some days, it's a lot easier to just stay home."

Ideas in the book include unique ways to celebrate holidays, taking a bike ride in pajamas, and letting the kids watch home movies of them when they were younger. For me personally, I'm all about the section with ideas for cool ways to put the kids to work, with clever suggestions for making it fun for the kids to help with laundry, taking out the trash, and even making mommy's coffee.
Anna also shares a genius idea for making a masking tape village in your living room, though of course at our house we would be making our town out of Duck Tape.
Reading the book left me inspired to try (almost) all of Anna's ways to make ordinary days special with my kids - 'cause as everyone always says, the days with little kids really do fly by so, so fast.
And this mom wants to enjoy them all. Or at least try to - and now I'm off to find some fancy plates for the indoor picnic we'll be having tomorrow afternoon. By candlelight.

75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home is $3.99 and can be purchased at (PDF file) or at Amazon (Kindle download), $3.99.

Thank you Anna for providing me with an advance copy of the book for review purposes.


Meredith said...

That was my favorite quote from the book too! Thanks for highlighting it so I could remember it--staying home IS just so much easier most days...

Anna said...

Thanks for the great review, Anna! Hope you have fun at your picnic today! :)

RandomHandprints said...

Loved the book, thanks so much for the opportunity to review!

RandomHandprints said...

I'm totally putting the "at home" in stay at home mom.

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