Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Day 26 - The Most Spooktacularly Decorated Houses in New Jersey

I had really wanted to share some houses in New Jersey that are spooktaculary decorated for Halloween, but honestly with the Frankenstorm coming I can only guess all the holiday awesomeness is gonna have to be taken inside.

So, it may need to just be a virtual tour this year, but these homeowners really put on amazing displays.

Just look at this house in Denville, how incredible are all those decorations?

Photo credit: Allison Alerine

There's another house in New Jersey also known for his Halloween over-kill, Dr. Wayne Gangi's house in Clifton. I've never been but let's just say he has not one, not two, but ten smoke machines.

 Or check out the video of these crazy geniuses in Central New Jersey.

Just incredible.

If all these houses leave you inspired to add a little additional Halloween decorating to your own home, I'm sharing lots of Crafty DIY Halloween Decorations at

One of the ideas is this fantastic DIY Halloween Door from My Life and Kids:

Happy Halloween!


Queentob said...

I love that front door. My first grade teacher always decorated our classroom door for the seasons/, holidays etc.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

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