Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days of Hallowen: Day 12 - Halloween Pasts and Who Wore It Better?

For awhile I was doing a Who Wore It Better? theme on the blog - it wasn't so popular so I retired it, but as I'm a big hand-me-down fan there are still plenty of opportunities to compare siblings in cast-offs, so if any regulars would like to see it come back, just say the word!

Here are the Halloween-themed face-offs, feel free to leave a comment with your choice for the winner in any of the match-ups below.

The hard-to-call black winter coat stand-off:

The perhaps even more difficult to decide frog costume comparison:

And last?

A tough three-way competition between my son, my daughter and a stuffed panda bear.

Choices for winners? Or are we all winning?

1 comment:

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