Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Woodchuck Redux

We have a woodchuck mom and her two woodchuck babies making themselves at home on our porch and in our backyard - and they're not the sharing kind.

I'm totally OK with it because:

1. Animal Control assured me the woodchucks would leave on their own within three to four weeks - and I totally wasn't planning on using my porch, or backyard, for the month of June so it's fine. Really.

Our deck/woodchuck haven
2. Animal Control made me feel like a horrible person for even considering the woodchuck mom and her clawing hissing ways to be a nuisance explaining, "Give her space. She's just a mom trying to do her job."

Mama Woodchuck patrolling my porch and back yard
Yes, Animal Control played the Mom Card on me. And I gotta admit... well played, Animal Control. Well played. Fine, fine have it your way. I will give Mama Woodchuck her space.

3. The baby woodchucks have attracted all the local hawks in the area. So while my kids cannot play outside, they can watch Animal Kingdom Live! through the windows every day.

Baby woodchuck, admittedly adorable.

4. Woodchuck mania inspired my daughter Kay, age 6, to make this delightful dinner:

Now just try and tell me you don't want to come over for dinner at our house. All the delicious woodchuck meatloaf you can eat, and a free hawk vs. baby woodchuck show! Summer doesn't get any better!

I'm linking-up to Finding the Funny at Kelley's Breakroom and My Life and Kids. Because if I didn't laugh about this ridiculous situation, I might have to cry into my woodchuck meatloaf.


Jennifer said...

Animal control played the mom card! Woodchuck meatloaf?! This is crazy funny!

skramly said...

Uh oh I hope those hawks don't get the babies!

l.e.s.ter said...

Just to be clear, woodchuck meatloaf doesn't actually contain any woodchuck, right?

Anna Sandler said...

uh, no?

Anna Sandler said...

yeah, it's gone all survival of the fittest here in Jerz.

Anna Sandler said...

Is it funny? What about the no use of the deck or backyard? :) (and thanks)

shannon2818 said...

That would be annoying, but they are kind of cute!

Dentistmel said...

Hysterical! Look at all that meat!!! Feel free to link this up on my Sat laughs if you like:)

Kim at Let Me Start By Saying said...

It's like Mutual of Omaha's WIld Kingdom back there. Why aren't you selling tickets to turn a profit on this?
The bunnies have been cleaned out of my neighborhood, or else I'd be doing the same. The Jersey hawks are pretty bad-ass this year.
Came from #FindingtheFunny!

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