Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kid O - Great Toys from a Good Company

The most dedicated blog readers might remember that this winter I lamented being unable to find a shape sorter my toddler son Ziggy would play with despite my most first-world efforts to find one for him.

Among the many shape sorters I purchased was a sorting house by one of my favorite brands, Kid O. I loved the design, and even better, Ziggy showed a mild interest in using it.

But then the sorting house started falling apart. I added it to my "gonna fix someday soon" pile of toys, and of course that mythical day when I sit around fixing toddler toys never came.

But the day of throwing out the broken toddler toys did come. And out with the trash went the shape sorter house.

Then I sent a completely unnecessarily rude email to Kid O complaining about the shape sorter house. I'm not really sure what made me think the company was purposely selling shoddy stuff, since I have lots of there other products and not only are they all incredible quality, but they also have a great aesthetic and not a single licensed character in sight.

So of course I shouldn't have been surprised when my nasty email was returned with a completely gracious reply. Kid O understood there was a quality issue with the house, and it was no longer being sold. Could they send me something else as a replacement?

Every company should be so awesome.

Kid O sent us a Bilibo, which I had been planning to buy for about as long as I had been meaning to fix the broken toys in our house.
The Bilibo is a toy that enables kids of all ages to use their imaginations and be endlessly creative in deciding how to use it - my children have had their Bilibo serve as a house, campsite, garden, Giraffey bed, and transportation provider to various stuffed animals and Barbies with long commutes.

The Bilibo is also great for dress-up, and makes a nice helmet, turtle shell, or camel bump depending on your comedic or dramatic needs.

Thank you, Kid O for being a good company with great toys.


kdwald said...

Could I use it as a training potty? That's the first thing that popped into my mind - so you can imagine what we're doing around here right now.

Seriously though - that thing is very cute. My kids would have a field day - and maybe it would keep them away from my colanders...

Jaguwar said...

WONDERFUL! I love it when companies do such a terrific job with customer service, even in the face of irate customers. I had a similar experience this summer with my internet/cable company this year (which I've documented, in multiple parts. on my blog, which should be linked to my name, but in case it's not, start the series here:

I also absolutely LOVE that toy! I want one! LOL I thought of a strange seat first (maybe the kind you'd take down a snowy hill), then a hat, but I can see all the other variations too. Now I wish I had a toddler again!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I am SO into imagination, so that is such a fun toy! Love that they responded to your complaint. That's awesome.

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