Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving - Suffragette Style

One of my side hobbies is collecting (or hoarding as the case may be - your words not mine), and one of my collections is suffragette postcards.

Nothing makes me happier than when a holiday comes around that is celebrated in suffrage postcards, as thankfully Thanksgiving is.

Here are one of my favorite Thanksgiving suffragette postcards:

In case my photograph makes it impossible to read the text is: "This is not a suffragette lecture, but a kind Greeting."

This text always puzzled me, but yesterday a search with Lady Google's help revealed The Society Pages: Social Science that Matters and the information that in 1909 "Chicago-area women’s rights advocates {were} pushing back the time they served Thanksgiving dinner in order to go see the British suffragist Emiline* Pankhurst," who was giving a lecture.

Now I'm wondering if this postcard that I proudly display in my pro-suffrage collection, actually need to be moved to the binder with the anti-suffrage cards? I think so.

So what does this all mean besides that I love collecting suffragette postcards and I love Thanksgiving?

I'm not really sure...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Glamamom said...

Lady Google? I totally considered Google a guy but I'm not sure why. Anyway, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Stasha said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Must say, you do collect a lot of interesting things.

Elizabeth-FlourishinProgress said...

That's like, the best thing to collect ever! Doesn't take up much room and doesn't cost a fajillion dollars each.

And they are pretty to look at!

RandomHandprints said...

you would be shocked and harv would be saddened by the amount of serious coin i have dropped on suffragette postcards. (note: this is our. little. secret.)

RandomHandprints said...

thanks, hope you had a great thanksgiving!

RandomHandprints said...

Hope you and your gang had a very happy Thanksgiving!

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