Saturday, November 12, 2011

A few random offerings from the mouths of my kids: The Kay and Magpie Edition

4pm, Monday afternoon, February, 2009

Thanks to my brother for the fantastic animation.

Vignette I:
Magpie: The party has been cancelled.
Kay: Why! Why has the party been cancelled?
Magpie: Because my Aunt is coming over. I didn't know she was coming over, I just found out she was, so we'll have to have the party another day. For those of you who don't know, an Aunt is your mother's, mother's, mother's sister."

Vignette II:
Magpie: I need to look pretty. VERY pretty.
Kay: Why?
Magpie: I'm getting married. Today!

Vignette III:
Magpie: This is mine! And I also need lots and lots of trains.
Kay: That's OK. I have three mountains.

A few minutes later...

Magpie: Kay, can I have a triangle?
Kay: No! I told you I need three mountains!

A few more minutes later...

Magpie: Are you sure you don't have just one triangle I could have?
Kay: No!
Magpie: Are you sure?
Kay: OK, I will try.
Magpie: Thanks, Kay.

Vignette IV:
Magpie: No dinosaurs allowed at this slumber party.
Kay: Is the slumber party today?
Magpie: No loud noises at this slumber party!
Kay: Well then why do you get to talk?
Magpie: Because it was my idea.
Kay: OK, as long as we are having rhinestones and spaghetti.
Magpie: Promise.


l.e.s.ter said...

That kid will always be a sucker for rhinestones and spaghetti.

Big City Mom said...

but who isn't?

skramly said...


l.e.s.ter said...

Ah yes, I remember animating that conversation...

RandomHandprints said...

that was the whole reason i re-posted, and then i couldn't find it. added now. it's awesome.

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