Saturday, January 15, 2011

Three Great Shape Sorters for Toddlers (Just not My Son)

My son Ziggy is just about 18-months-old and I am obsessed in finding a shape-sorting toy he will play with for more then five minutes.  As of now, he is just not interested in any toy that you need to sit to play with - not pegs you pound, not balls you drop, not shapes you sort.  He climbs, he rolls, he ambles, but he does not sit.

As a result, I now have the largest collection of share sorting toys - all purchased in the hopes that one will captivate him. None have so far, but I still pass along the best three options (in my opinion), because I know these are really great toys for a toddler.  Even if Ziggy didn't get the memo.

1. Shape and Sort by Plan Toys (Ages 1+)
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I love Plan Toys products, and their Shape and Sort is no exception. The lines are clean and modern, the colors bright but not garish, and the pieces have a smooth finish and are just the right size for little toddler hands. Best of all, this shape sorter has an innovative tray mechanism that when pushed releases the pieces for repeat play. 

2. Shape and Color Sorter by Lauri Toys (Ages 2-5)

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I've always had great luck with Lauri products, so I thought I would give a try with a different type of shape sorter to see if this might engage my little guy to sit still. This toy has five pegs that the crepe rubber pieces fit onto, and the twenty-five pieces can be sorted by color or shape. The toy is easy-to-use and there isn't a "right" answer, as all of the pieces fit onto all of the pegs. This toy is great for slightly older kids too, as they can use the pieces to make patterns as well.

3. Peek-a-Blocks Shape Sorter by Fisher-Price (Ages 9 months to 2 years)

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My toy choices usually skew towards wooden and silent, of which this toy is neither. But I forgive the plastic and the sounds it makes when the shapes drop into the box, because this toy was a favorite with both my daughters. I haven't gotten it for Ziggy yet, but it's on my purchase list because I'm hoping a little bit of bells and whistles will be just the thing to get him into the shape-sorting groove.
Do you know a great shape sorter that keeps your kid's attention? Please share your recommendation  - I'm totally up for buying yet another one!

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