Monday, November 21, 2011

Three Great Things to Do in New York City Over Thanksgiving Weekend

I love New York City all year round, but Thanksgiving weekend is one of my favorite times. Not only does it begin the holiday season with all its lights and splendor, but our family has a few annual traditions we try to fit in every year over Thanksgiving weekend. Here are three of our family favorites:

  • Macy's Day Parade - this legendary spectacle is a wonder to behold in person, but not too bad either when viewed on the television from the comfort of home with a mulled cider and the scent of turkey roasting. When we were still Upper West Siders, we always made sure to take a stroll by the balloons being inflated the night before, one of my most enduring memories of being a Manhattanite.
Other special exhibits currently on display are The World's Largest Dinosaurs and The Butterfly Conservatory, both incredible experiences for kids of all ages.
  • Big Apple Circus - This has been a favorite holiday destination since our oldest was little, and I was delighted to see the Dream Big! show this year with all three kids (2, 6 & 7) who were all enthralled. My dog-obsessed toddler was loving the canine performances, while his older sisters couldn't get enough of the trapeze and magic acts. A truly magical experience, the big tent is up at Lincoln Center Plaza until January 8.
My kids, ready to join the circus!

So what's not on my list of recommended places to visit in Manhattan? All the places that have been commercialized and Dora-fied -  The Bronx Zoo and The Central Park Zoo, as well as the Children's Museum of Manhattan. And it's too bad, because in the day, those were once great New York institutions, too.  It would be nice if Nickelodeon would leave a few spots free of Dora-fication.


My family and I were lucky enough to receive comped tickets to The World's Largest Dinosaurs exhibit and to the Big Apple Circus for purposes of review. Believe me, our opinions were not influenced. I was also offered tickets to the Children's Museum of Manhattan, which I (semi) politely declined.


HarlemLoveBirds said...

Fun! DH hates the circus (I've always wanted to go to the Big Apple Circus esp. after the PBS documentary earlier this year), but we are going to the parade!

RandomHandprints said...

even if dh hates the circus he might like the big apple one - no creepy clowns, but lots of cool juggling, magic and animal acts! enjoy the parade with your little one and happy thanksgiving!

Lauren @ A Mommy in the City said...

I've never been in town for the parade, but I hope to go next year! It looks like so much fun!

Kathyradigan said...

I love all of these things too, and I too treasure my memories of watching the balloons being blown up when we lived in NYC! Great to find your site via SITS Thanksgiving link up! I'm now happily following and look forward to future posts! Happy Thanksgiving!

Glamamom said...

Love these recs. So sad to miss the T-Day parade today. Next year.

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