Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My son and I should take our comedy show on the road. Seriously.

Apparently my three-year-old Ziggy and I are a comedy duo. Don't feel like you're the last to know - I didn't know either until a recent Trader Joe's visit.

Here's our act, in full. The twenty-something cashier is the willing, or possibly unwilling, participant from the audience.

Cashier: "You've got your hands-full!" as he watches Ziggy helpfully pile the groceries on the counter, dropping every-other-one.

Me: "Oh no, this is nothing! I've only got the one with me. There's five more at home!"

Cashier gives me a wide-eyed look, a little too wide-eyed. I worry I've traumatized the twenty-something cashier with my joke about having six kids.

Me (contritely): "That's totally not true. I'm kidding."

Ziggy: "Yeah, that's totally not true, 'cause there's ten more at home!"

And when someone improvs like that, you don't ruin the joke.

You just wave, smile and say goodbye to the truly now wide-eyed cashier.
And hurry home to the ten kids who may or may not be waiting for you at home, while also planning your nationwide comedy tour, now booking for select dates.

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deborah quinn said...

HA! That'll serve that multiply pierced twenty-something. She probably daydreams about her little Dylan or Jackson or Haydn, always in the way that we do pre-actual children, in which the children are docile and compliant and have no sense of humor. HAHAHA
Ziggy, the master of the deadpan already? He is clearly going places. Heh.

stephaniegiese said...

That's an awesome improv! What a cool little dude!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

What? He has quick wit already? LOVE it!

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