Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Other stuff I wrote last week... Purim, Presidents' Day and an eBook Too!

Valentine's Day is this Thursday, and my kids are busy making epic Valentine's that in no way imply they like their classmates in any way whatsoever, and further, make no claims of being anyone's Valentine, now or forever in the future.

Which all just makes me all the more grateful my three-year-old goes to a Jewish preschool that doesn't have any of this Valentine's Day card nonsense.

But Valentine's Day is not the only holiday on the horizon! I wrote four ideas for Family Fun in NYC for Presidents' Day Weekend on NJFamily.com, and a Guide to Purim Fun for BaristaKids.com.

And last but not least, my huge thanks to the b Positive Project and Anna of My Life and Kids for including my ideas for being positive in their new eBook, 50 Ways to B Positive. It's free! Just click here to get a copy.

Lots of voices have joined to share their fun and funny advice, and there's a coupon code in the book for 10% off all purchases at b Positive, an apparel company and more - in fact, that same coupon code helps kids with cancer – for every purchase you make, the b Positive Project will send a b Positive t-shirt to a child with cancer.

So get reading, and b(e) inspired!

Have a great week everyone! Next up: can't wait to share all the cool stuff I saw at the Toy Fair!

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Zach said...

Maya is at a Jewish daycare and I feel a little sad they don't do valentine's day or Halloween. We had such a cute Halloween costume for her, but it is too small for Purim. We have a cute pink outfit with hearts too! But the daycare said no.

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