Wednesday, December 7, 2011

HOLIDAY CLOTHES: The Third Edition of Anna's Super-Fun Non-Commercial Holiday Gift Guide

I may be a nice Jewish girl, but I like a Christmas dress as much as the next girl.

Seriously, check out this vintage dress from back in the 1970s - hand-sewn by my grandma.
Arty photo could not have been taken by anyone but my big bro.
Here are some festive and fun clothes for celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and all the rest of the winter holidays.

From Tea Collection (note: free shipping with code WOWFREESHIP until Friday 12/9):
Tea Collection makes beautiful and holds-up-well-in-the-wash clothing for everyday wear, as well as stunning holiday pieces in their Highland Holiday line that are perfect for winter celebrations.

The Lantana Wrap Dress ($33) in Rumba Red is perfect for holiday photos and parties, and availability in sizes 6 months - 12 years, makes for some fun options to mix-n-match with siblings.

Photo from

The dress pairs great with Sparkle Stripe Leggings ($25), and because I can't resist a little bit of matching, I had one daughter in the leggings, and one in the Sparkle Stripe Mockneck ($30)
In Stuyvesant Square, Manhattan

The sparkle striped mockneck also looks great under the Corzo Chambray Dress ($49):

Photo from
Again, this dress comes in sizes 6 months to 12 years for lots of matching options, even with mom ($108.50):

From Blume Girl:
This is one of my favorite brands for snazzy dressy tees that are still 100% kid-comfy. My son has been known to wear his tie tees just about anywhere. A few great picks for the holidays are the Small Pocks Baby Tee ($48, also available in kid sizes):

Little Lady Kid Tee with Tie ($52):

And there's even a onesie with a tie ($52) for babies with style:

From Karin Alexis:
I have loved Karin Alexis clothes since I used to be a regular at her Upper West Side boutique, which is sadly now closed. You can still get her amazing designed and made in New York kids clothes. And what could be more perfect for the holiday season than a gorgeous tutu? Pictured here is the fantastic Dorothy Tutu ($42):

What are you favorite holiday clothes?

Next up on Saturday: my picks for holiday pajamas!

You can see all the holiday gift guides here.

Whatever you're wearing... Happy Holidays!

Disclosure: I received some great Tea Collection items for purposes of review, but it did not influence my opinion.


l.e.s.ter said...

I am still trying to perfect that menorah portrait image. Just by coincidence, I was working on it this morning!

RandomHandprints said...

your wife is an excellent sport!

MannahattaMamma said...

oh fine, rub it in, mother of GIRLS. This holiday season my boys will be Or maybe khaki. Or tan. Or blue. And there will be no glitter or bows or adorable petticoats or spiffy tights or pretty much anything interesting. Sigh. Too bad we don't live in the renaissance, when men could get FANCY. Of course, then women would be trapped in corsets and whitening their skin with arsenic paste. sigh.

kdwald said...

My daughter is here, and she shrieked: "I need that skirt for ballet!" when we scrolled by the Dorothy Tutu. And I love the wrap dress. So cute!

RandomHandprints said...

i'm so with your daughter. that tutu is a total need vs want.

Glamamom said...

I actually love that little dress on you. The classics never go out of style.

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