Monday, December 5, 2011

THE BEST WOODEN TOYS: The Second Edition of Anna's Holiday Gift Guide for Super-Fun Non-Commercial Toys

My kids have great collection of wooden toys they've gotten over the years - mostly from Grandma and her wooden toy pusher, Playing Mantis (32 North Moore in TriBeCa, if you want to get a wooden toy fix yourself).  They are all admittedly expensive, but many are made in American and Europe, and are of incredible quality, and they really do last.

Here are some of my absolute favorite wooden toys that have given my kids (and me) many hours of family fun:

Marble Run ($110.95)
This marble run is endlessly enjoyable for all ages (and by all ages I mean all the ages that don't swallow marbles). Each level of wood plays a different tune, so the marbles create a delightful song every trip down. Kids can experiment with different sized marbles, and listen to all the various sounds that are made.

Color Frames ($54.99, currently on sale for $46.74)
I had a hard time picking just one toy from Learning Materials Workshop, because honestly, I (er, I mean my kids) could play with any of these fantastic creations all day long.

The Color Frames set can be arranged in an array of gorgeous color patterns, or used to build amazing constructions, pave multi-colored roads, or demark one sister's area from the other.

I'm also a huge fan of the Cubes, Bobbins & Beams set ($49.99, currently on sale for $37.49) that can build fanciful creations that turn, twist and just be generally fabulous.

Note: Lots of the Learing Materials Worshop's products are currently discounted (15-25%) as part of their Holiday Sale though December 10.

Birch Wood 8 Tone Diatonic Xylophone ($99.95)
This xylophone is fun for the kids doing the playing, and perhaps even more importantly, perfectly delightful for the adult doing the listening. Ages 3+, or whenever they stop using the mallets for weapons.

Maple Wood Anamalz ($8.95 for the critters, $119.99 for the barnhouse)
I love these Australian-designed, environmentally friendly critters, with whimsical expressions and bendy limbs that can be endlessly posed. How could you not love this dancin' giraffe? All ages.

And if you want to know your Anamalz have a comfy home, you can get them the Barnhouse ($119.99)

All of the products in my holiday gift guide are free of licensed characters, batteries or a focus on being good for "a boy" or "a girl." All the products also have in common that I sorta want them for myself.

I'll be back on Wednesday sharing my picks for great holiday clothes.

Disclosure: All toys purchased by me (or Grandma).


Liz Mays said...

Those are the kinds of toys I love, really love!

Glamamom said...

I LOVE wooden toys. They're so beautiful and durable.

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