Friday, January 28, 2011

Really Helpful Tips for Wives and Mothers #4: Things that Seem Like Your Keys In Your Pocket, But Aren't

If you're like me, ever since you had kids things seem to get misplaced, broken, and generally transmuted at record speed. At my house, this phenomenon happens most often in the mornings, when we're all rushing off to school.

For faithful readers, you may remember a particularly absentminded morning when of all the things I could forget.... I forgot the baby.

So today's Really Helpful Tip for Wives and Mothers is a quick run-down on items you might have in your pocket that when you pat your pocket will feel exactly like your keys, but when you go to unlock your car door, or front door, you will find actually are:

This adorable Leon the Cat (from France!):

A Duplo block! Any shape or color can trick you into thinking they are keys!

And last, a small children's size tube of Hello Kitty nail polish - oh, it feels like keys but surprisingly, will not open the door.

As super-hilarious as it is to pull these things out of my pocket when I think they're my keys, being locked-out of my car and/or house with my three young kids just isn't that funny after the first, or second, or that's right... the third time.

So tell me... do your keys transmute on busy mornings too?

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Jill said...

I definitely carry some strange things in my purse. Sometimes a spare diaper. So when I'm not with my son and rummaging around, it can get awkward ;)

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