Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best day ever! I just got tickets to Pee Wee Herman on Broadway!

For all of you that think Twitter is a total waste of time, think again, because I just won tickets from Pee Wee Herman via a Twitter contest. And not to see just any ol' performance of Pee Wee Herman Live.  That's right, I'm seeing the historic taping of the show for HBO.

There's only one person more excited about this then me:

Pee Wee Herman

This is my original Pee Wee Herman doll, I've had for (could it really be?) twenty years.


Anonymous said...

I know you are but what am I?

Congrats!! A Twitter contest, huh? That's so awesome. Almost better than winning the Mega Millions, right?

Anna said...

i wouldn't trade my pee wee tickets for all the money in the world!

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