Sunday, January 9, 2011

We're living in a material world....

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It seemed like a good idea!

That's what Kay and Magpie would say if you asked, why did you take everything (and by everything, I mean everything) out of your rooms and put it all on the stairs?

That's right, when I was busy doing something important like bathing the baby or blogging about my milk cap collection, my dear children took every piece of bedding, pillows, nighttime sleeping companions, clothes, shoes, books, toys, even rugs, lamps, paintings and other room furnishings out of their rooms and put them on the hall staircase.

When they were done it looked like a page out of Peter Menzel's Material World. I am not kidding. I am not exaggerating.

Why do you ask? Why would my children do this? Because, in their words, "we wanted to re-create our rooms on the stairs so we could slide down our room."

My biggest regret? No, it's not that I was doing something somewhere else in the house and allowed this to happen when my back was turned, so to speak.  No, my biggest regret is there were no batteries in the camera so this event can not be commemorated.

And G-d willing, it will not be recreated.

P.S. This all went down shortly before bed time. So the bed stuff went back on the beds and the rest of it went in about fifteen giant shopping bags. I have no plans to unpack those bags anytime soon. Maybe this will all be for the best.

PPS And yes, I did let them slide down their room. It was a very under-whelming experience, especially in comparison to what I think the kids thought it would be.

I really do need to get one of those infant pause buttons so this doesn't happen again.


skramly said...

I love that they wanted to slide down their room.

Terry said...

It's also the best way to REALLY clean up one's room. Take everything out and then sort it back in. Probably best done in the morning though...

Anna said...

Terry - you're so right. I am going to see this as a good thing and not a total disaster and use as the impetus to really organize my kids' stuff. Especially good 'cause cleaning-up all the junk in my house was my new year resolution!

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