Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All Things Valentine's Day

I have written a ton about Valentine's Day over the years, so in case you've missed any of them the first time around here they are:

The Easiest Homemade Valentine Ever - honestly, the easiest.

More Ideas for Homemade Valentines - Play Doh, recycled crayons, and good ol rocks.

Snowy Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt - so fun, but remember, you need snow.

Make Strawberry Hearts - holiday fun and healthy, too!

Heart-Shaped Potatoes - because do you love your kids, or not?

Valentine's Day Cookies that WOW - trust me, these will be a hit.

All About Suffragette Postcards - I know it's most likely that you don't care about the suffrage movement, but if you do... it has cool ties to Valentine's Day. You can see more here, too.

I know that many a kid brings in a homemade Valentine, but your time and sanity are worth something, so let me recommend a few great picks for store-bought - and fabulous - class Valentines.

Peaceable Kingdom - has so many fantastic options from scratch-n-sniff sticker Valentines to Owl bookmark cards.

eeBoo - has two awesome choices, animals and fairies, and includes teacher cards, too.

Paper Magic - has very cool paper airplane Valentines and Mad Libs Valentines.

Okay. so who's ready to celebrate Valentine's Day!

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