Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Vintage Postcard Valentine's Day!

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that one of my women's suffrage (actually, anti-suffrage) postcards had St. Valentine's Greetings written in tiny print in the corner.

This Valentines Day postcard got me wondering if there were also other ones with a holiday greeting. And if so, why?

A quick online search revealed that postcards were often used as greeting cards back in the early 1900s.  Without email (the horror) or widespread phones even, greeting cards and postcards were one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your favorite cause, which for many was for or against women's suffrage.

Here are a few of my favorite suffrage, anti-suffrage, and vintage feminist Valentine's Day cards:

Image from

Image from Femulate

Image from the Postcard Museum

Happy Valentine's Day!


Erin said...

Who would have thought you could rustle up a collection of suffrage-themed valentine's day postcards? Thanks - you perked up my day.

Shannon said...

Hi! I'm a vintage Valentines fan and these are amazing! I wonder if I can use your image of the postcard of the Valentine that reads Love Me, Love My Vote on my blog (hopefully this week). I'd like to write a post about August 18 1920, the day women got the vote. I will credit your blog and the postcard museum. Please let me know what you think.
Thank you!

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