Friday, August 17, 2012

Giving the People What They Want: Suffrage

Now that I don't spend my Fridays looking at old photos, I'm devoting that time to wandering around my Google Analytics - which is totally fun stuff.

I got an email this week from someone looking for an image to go with a post she was writing in honor of tomorrow, August 18, being the day the 19th Amendment guaranteeing women in the United States the right to vote was ratified by congress.

Which made me wonder, do I get a lot of suffrage-related searches (and by a lot I mean any searches at all)?

I looked and saw that there are quite a bunch of suffrage-related searches (meaning about 10), and those people seem to be sticky. And that makes me super-happy, because I like to think there is someone besides me utterly fascinated by my suffrage postcard collection.

I was also happy to see searches for anti-suffrage - because I have a swell collection of anti-suffrage postcards, too.

And let this be a reminder all of us to vote this election season! Especially me!


Meredith said...

These postcards are so cool! I love stuff like this--thanks for sharing and yes, will definitely be exercising my hard-earned right and voting!

RandomHandprints said...

Glad I'm not the only person who likes this kind of stuff! And yes, November we gotta all get out the vote!

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