Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Update: Kay and Big Duckie Are Emulating... Eric Conveys an Emotion!

Last week I posted these photos of my daughter, her bestie Doofy the Giraffe, and her other bestie, Big Duckie.

Kay is showing the emotions (clockwise from the upper left) of: sleepy, happy, excited, worried, and surprised.

She is emulating the once super-popular website, Eric Conveys an Emotion.

I used to love that website, and so did, like, everyone else. It even has its own Wikipedia Page.

But now, Eric and his emotions are all but forgotten. Oh Internet, you capricious soul.

Though I'm guessing Eric has gone on to new and awesome adventures, and is most likely the founder of some start-up in Silicon Valley, but still I can't believe how quickly that once popular site has faded from memory.

Now that I've revealed EmotionEric.com is the name of the site, does anyone remember it now?

1 comment:

Annie said...

I have never heard of this website. Now I feel like I am missing out LOL :) Those are some seriously funny pics of her.

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