Saturday, August 11, 2012

Giving the People What They Want: Monsterz

Like a lot of bloggers, I enjoy checking out my search terms to see what search terms bring people to my little cottage on the information super highway.

So I've decided to start devoting Fridays to giving the people what they want, now that the day is open since I've reached the bottom of my drawer of old photos and Old Photo Friday has come to an end - at least for now.

First up, I give the people what they want with... Monsterz.

I get a crazy number of searches for Monsterz (a stuffed animal by Ty), and currently I just have one post that mentions them - and by mentions them I mean mocks them.

I saw Monsterz at the Toy Fair back last February, and while they're not really my thing, they are totally my daughter Kay's thing - she loves all those Ty big-eyed stuffed animals, so I'm not surprised a lot of other people do, too.

There was a huge Monsterz presence at the Toy Fair. Here's everything I got:

Giant Monsterz Sign:

I think her name is Trixie

People dressed-up as Monsterz - and if you look closely, there are tons of the stuffed animal Monsterz hanging off of the person-Monsterz:

And last but not least, a stuffed animal Monsterz with his lil "Luv me" heart.

I gotta admit he is kinda cute.

I was not compensated for this post.

You can buy Monsterz, which I now realize are spelled Monstaz, at Currently, they're $5.99 with free shipping! Hurray, Monstaz for everyone!


kdwald said...

So I went over to, and the first thing I see are roly-poly Spiderman Monstaz - or whatever. My son is GAGA for Spiderman right now, so thank you!

RandomHandprints said...

Somehow saying "your welcome" seems wrong as I am now responsible for said roly poly Spiderman entering your house. I may just go with "sorry!"

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