Sunday, February 5, 2012

What I'm thinking about Sunday night: Not the Super Bowl

Oh, Sportsball. It means nothing to me. I feel a little sorry for my husband, because I can't even pretend to be a tiny bit interested. And he cares a lot. A lot as in he believes the Phillies winning the World Series in 2008 was a sign we should have another child (true story).

The littlest Sportsball fan.
So tonight my beloved is watching Sportsball at his brother's house and I'm home happy as can be watching last week's Downton Abbey and tonight's brand-new episode of Luck.

Besides watching non-Super Bowl TV, I've decided to start reading books again - something I pretty much gave-up cold turkey when my first baby came home from the hospital eight years ago.

I'm in the middle of the super-amusing Confessions of a Scary Mommy by Jill Smokler of And, my inability to put down the book may result in a few scary mommy confessions of my own by the time I'm done. 

I'm also reading Beautiful Swimmers, which is a history of blue crabs and the Chesapeake Bay crabbing industry - and it is utterly fascinating. I can't believe with my love of all things blue crab, I had never heard of this book (which was published 30 years ago) until my brother brought over a copy for me to read last week.

Now that I'm a born-again reader, please let me know any good book recommendations!

I am also still making lots of heart-shaped food, I've got directions for heart shaped strawberries and heart fried potatoes as well as over thirty more heart food ideas on Pinterest. Because what I lack in Sportsball interest I make-up for in my love of Kawaii-style food.

Note: None of these links lead to anything that might possibly lead to money for me, in case it seemed like they did.


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

So glad you didn't have to bear the Super Bowl shenanigans. An evening spent at home behind a good book sounds sooooo much better!

MannahattaMamma said...

you're talking to a woman whose husband believes that his bargain with god to quit smoking led the Mets to win the world series whenever that was, 1986? 1985? Husband made the bargain but then...didn't really *quit* Mets haven't won again since. I'm just saying. Thanks for the book suggestions - I didn't know that Scary Mommy had a book, so now I'm going to go buy it and neglect my own children in favor of reading about hers. HA! (was your husband pleased with the results of the football? and, if so, does that mean you have to have another baby?)

Becca said...

I have author suggestions more than book suggestions. I highly recommend Danielle Steel, JD Robb, and James Patterson :)

RandomHandprints said...

thanks so much, i love book ideas!

RandomHandprints said...

my huz is a fan of the philadelpia sportsball teams, so i'm all good (for now.)

i still don't understand how god is supposed to a. pick a side and b. even if she could pick a side, how would she keep up with all the sportsball matches. doesn't she have other things to do - like the celestial luandry?

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