Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The New York International Gift Fair: The "Why Didn't I Think of That?" Edition

This was my second time at the New York International Gift Fair, and I was just as enthralled and inspired by the truly ingenious things I saw this time as last time. Which is why this update is about all the things that made me say, "Why Didn't I think of that?"

My Blue Bumbershoot Stroller Umbrella - Two clever urban moms came-up with this idea for a hands-free umbrella that clamps onto the handle of the stroller so that the person pushing the pusher doesn't get caught in the rain. With today's strollers providing every possible amenity from couture fabrics to latte holders, it's nice that a company has finally considered the so-called stroller chauffeurs and found a way for them to transport their charges while staying protected from the elements.

Mudpuppy Puzzles in a Pouch - These 12 piece puzzles for ages 2+ feature nice sturdy construction just right for toddler hands as well as fun, yet non-commercial, prints. But that's not the best part: the puzzles come in a reusable plastic storage pouch. Which makes perfect sense, because puzzle boxes just don't work. The puzzle boxes get crushed and torn, and my uptight ways force me to tape the box sides back together, not to mention bag the puzzle pieces so they don't go missing. But a puzzle pouch, so simple and yet so life-changing. The pouch is a perfect solution for travel, too.

International Arrivals Color Appeel Crayons - My kids need these crayons. Instead of sharpening the crayon (or whining for your mom to do it right now because you need that exact color for your masterpiece), you just pull a string to peel and reveal more crayon and "sharpen" it that way. The set of 12 brightly patterned pencils come in a cool carrying case to make clean-up easy, at least theoretically.

Merritt USA Kids Little Dipper Plates - My kids are all about dipping any food at any time, and I know they can't be the only ones. These cute plates have a dipper built right into the center, and they're made out of melamine so while the kids can't break them, I can still wash them in the dishwasher.

Why didn't I think of that.

You can also see my picks for 10 Great Finds from the New York International Gift Fair at


Kelley said...

Wow! I'm loving ALL of these! The umbrella one is awesome.

MannahattaMamma said...

The umbrella stroller is awesome. I remember that before I had babies, I used to sneer at strollers with those rain shields attached--I would think that the parents were waaaaay to over-sensitive and fussy. What's a little rain, I thought...then I had a kid and before you could say snippety-snappety, I had me a rain shield. For the kid. I was always drenched. Aerodynamics made it impossible to push & hold at the same time! What fun to wander the gift show...!

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