Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gettin' Crafty with Craft Whores: The Children's Sock Phallus

A few days ago, I posted on this blog the adorable stuffed Amigurumi animals that my mom crocheted for my kids.

I shouldn't even have to add this, but for the record they were G-RATED Amigurumi animals.

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Anyway, the ever-helpful Deborah of Mannahatta Mamma left a comment on that post suggesting perhaps my mom should enter the Craft Whores contest, and well uh she did, or rather, is entering the contest here..

So without further back story, here's my sweet mother's entry: The Children's Sock Phallus:

Just the other day I was trying to pick-out some nice art for my grandson's room. I thought this photo might be nice, and emailed it over to my daughter, Anna, to get her thoughts:

Image Source
Without even thanking me for taking the time to find suitable art for her toddler son's room, she just writes back: "No."

So I thought to myself, "hmm, that's odd." And then I realized my daughter probably just wanted to choose his bedroom artwork herself, which I'm totally fine with even if we all know she is going to pick some totally pedestrian Curious George prints.

But then I had a bit of a grandma brainstorm - wouldn't my grandson love his very own sock phallus toy to play with? Sure, his mother is denying him a poster of a world-renowned artist and her penis sculpture, but surely she wouldn't also prevent him from playing with a sock phallus that was lovingly handmade by his beloved grandmother?

So, I made my dear grandson this:

Don't you think ever toddler should have his - or her - very own sock phallus toy? And, this is a perfect craft for anyone who doesn't know what to do with those spare mis-matched socks you find in the dryer.

Why make another boring sock monkey when you can make a one-of-a-kind sock phallus instead! Just put a little stuffing in the sock, stitch up the top to be as atomically correct as you would like, and voila! one easy-peasy sock phallus. And this craft is totally green and eco-friendly!

Have you made a sock phallus toy recently? Please link-up your photos in the comments below, or head over to the Craft Whores contest and enter your awesome-sauce creation there!


I set the date on this post to February, 2012. I'm not sure the world - or my blog readers - are quite ready for this, although clearly the Craft Whores are more than ready for it.

You may be reading this if you have any kind of feed auto-sending thingy of new content. So insert either "I'm sorry" or "you're welcome," depending on which one is appropriate.

Thanks to The Suniverse and The Bearded Iris for their uh inspired contest



Kristin Wald said...

I love it! I don't understand why you posted this for so long ago. It's perfect! :)

Suniverse said...

I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR MOM. For reals. Give her my contact info, because I want to meet her. XO and thanks for entering!

SisterhoodoftheSensibleMoms said...

Love. Your. Mom. That is all. Ellen

RandomHandprints said...

Thanks, she is so good at crafts! Such a grandma that way!

RandomHandprints said...

She was born to be a craft whore. Wait, that came out wrong...

RandomHandprints said...

It's true. The world definitely needs less sock monkeys, more sock phalluses.

Leslie Marinelli said...

I want to party with your mom, and I say that in the nicest of ways, not at all like the teenage boys say to my son. Also, let the record show that when I am a grandma someday, I totally want to be one just like your kids' grandma. (Nothing against Curious George.) Thank you for defiling your blog (and figuring out a way to hide it in your archives) with your mom's phallus for our contest! LOVE IT.

l.e.s.ter said...

I am officially available for adoption. -- Brother of RandomHandprints.

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