Sunday, September 9, 2012

You Can Crochet!

Actually, I have no idea if you can crochet.

What I'm really saying is my mom can crochet.

For the record, I can not crochet.

And I'm so glad my mom can crochet, because she had made my kids the cutest little animals from the book Voodoo Maggie's Adorable Amigurumi: Cute and Quirky Corocheted Critters. (Tuttle Publishing, $15.95)

Voodoo Maggie (really Erin Clark) has directions and beautiful photographs for eighteen different crocheted friends, and my three-year-old was endlessly delighted to stroll through the book looking through the photos and picking out what "gramma gonna make next."

So far, we have these two Amigurumi darlings at our house:

Yeti (5 inches tall and 4 inches wide)

and Luna the Baby Dragon (11 inches tall).

My kids love their amigurumi companions, not only because "gramma made them!" but also because they got to pick out the details, like the yarn color, making them truly one-of-a-kind little treasures.

There are directions to make creatures that are suitable for all skill levels from beginner to more advanced crocheters. Personally, I'm hoping gramma makes me one next. (I'm partial to Bella la Batty, but I'll take anything. Thanks, mom!)

I received a copy of Adorable Amigurumi: Cute and Quirky Crocheted Critters for review. My mom made everything herself, with her only compensation being her grandchildren's delight.


MannahattaMamma said...

Well! Crocheted! What a talented grandma...but if she (or you) REALLY want to strut your stuff.... then you need to find the Suniverse & the bearded iris's slightly less child-friendly craft site, right?
hee hee hee...Bella La Batty takes on a whole new meaning suddenly. : )

Queentob said...

I have just learned how to crochet (all over again)
I have to check it out, is it for beginners? I Loved the dragon!!

Meredith said...

I know how to knit, but crocheting has never been on my map. My grandma always did though, and I thought it was so cool, so maybe?? Cute stuff!

RandomHandprints said...

You can knit?! You're still one fiber art ahead of me!

RandomHandprints said...

I hope you're happy with yourself. My mother just spent the day working on her inappropriate submission. And yes, I hope she wins!

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