Thursday, August 25, 2011

How I Prepared for Hurricane Irene: 10 Easy Steps to (a Little) Peace of Mind

Today I realized Hurricane Irene is a real and actual thing, and being as it is a real and actual thing, a weather event even, I'd better get prepared. Here are the 10 easy steps I took to bring myself (a little) peace of mind:

1. Accepted the fact that we really and truly were not driving down to Bethany Beach for our vacation as planned. Further accepted that we were out of everything, in preparation for said vacation. Sighed heavily.

2. Went to the grocery store and purchased the same insane quantities of food I (and everyone else) purchase pre-snow storm. Also allowed the kids to throw sick quantities of junk food into the shopping cart -  in case we really are housebound for an extended period of time, I want all the treat enticements I can get.

3. Stopped at the craft store for craft supply reinforcements, though truth be told, we have plenty. If multiple quantities of everything cuts down even the smallest percentage of child bickering, it was totally worth it.

4. Reminisced with myself about the week my family went without water or electricity in rural Virginia in the 1970s. (1979,  Hurricane David, to be exact. Thanks, Google!) Decided to add a trip to the toy store to the list of preparedness activities.

5. Further reflected on that September week in 1979, and add going to the drug store to the list of things to do. A week without running water, is a long week. Purchase all sorts of hygiene and cleaning items that do not require water - wipes, facial cleansers and toners. Also get nail polish, if a life-threatening hurricane isn't the best time for a home manicure/pedicure, when is?

6. Neurotically searched online for what exactly needs to be done in advance of a hurricane. Find a ton of helpful resources. Follow these directions for How to Prepare for Irene, which includes what to pack in an emergency preparedness kit, as well as how to prepare a family evacuation plan. Also put together a "Go Bag" based on Babble's What Mom's Need to Pack.

7. Cleared off all tree branches and loose limbs outside our house. Debate getting our "questionable" trees removed, and reluctantly admit it is too late to undertake such a major project. Similar proclamations made in regards to our prone-to-leaks basement, past-its-useful-life roof and various not-quite-storm-proof-windows. Still very hopeful I get some points for even thinking about dealing with these things pre-hurricane.

8. Allowed kids to watch TV and play the Wii to their heart's content. Who knows how long we may be without electricity? They should get their fix now. Put my worry about an electricity free few days to good use and write a post for New Jersey Family magazine called 6 Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained Indoors - Even if the Power Goes Out.

9. Read New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's quote that we should "pray," followed by his eloquent

"If I order a mandatory evacuation, you better leave. If it turns out to be less, we should thank our lucky stars."

Wonder how this is the best Governor Christie can come up with in this time when leadership is needed. Determine Governor Christie has never read Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy or Cory Booker's tweet stream to see how inspiration is done right. Further ponder if George Dubya is now running an elocution school, and if Governor Christie has been taking classes there.

10. Write this post and worry it will be out there on the interwebs while Hurricane Irene brings catastrophic damage, and feel like a complete and utter ass for taking it all so lightly.

On a more serious note: I know Hurricane Irene is a major storm, please take proper precautions and stay safe.

I'll be back with a report on Friday's preparations, which will include sleeping accommodations for my mom who most likely will be told to evacuate her home tomorrow.

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Dawn said...

I hope you and your family all stay safe! Following you back from the Alexa Hop...thanks for linking up! :)

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