Sunday, August 14, 2011

Debresk, Playmobil and Magna-Tiles - A few of this mom's favorite toys

Aside from the questionable play value, I hate Big Plastic Toys emblazoned with licensed characters because to be perfectly honest, I think they're ugly.  I don't want to see them in my living room, or my kids' play room, or worst of all, taking of residence in my impressionable little darlings' psyches. 

What I do love are:

... old-fashioned wooden toys, hand-crafted and beautifully made, like Debresk's Tow Truck (Made in Sweden).

Photo from Blueberry Toys.

... modern toys that make even me (the grown-up!) wonder at the possibilities of what they can make, like Valtech's Magna-Tiles (Made in Thailand) that can be put-together in gorgeous patterns when used flat on a surface, or better yet placed on a light table. Magna-Tiles can also be used as traditional building blocks, allowing kids to build whatever their imagination desires.
Photo from

... whimsical toys that are just good ol' fun, and you know are well-made, durable, and sturdy enough not to break after two uses. I adore Playmobil's Super Set Dream Garden (Made in Europe). What's not to love - it has a unicorn. And a peacock. And a waterfall.

Photo from
And if unicorns and waterfalls aren't quite your thing, who doesn't want to explore the terrifically over-the-top, fantastical Playmobil Treasure Temple with Guards (Made in Europe).

Photo from

How 'bout you? Which kids toys are your grown-up favorites?


Kristin said...

I love that my kids play with trains for hours. We have a set of wooden tracks with (ack!) Thomas trains. We also have a set of larger plastic tracks by Lego/Duplo (also Thomas). They have gotten so much use - and imaginative play-time - in our home that I can't believe I ever pooh-poohed the idea of getting them to begin with. Even the plastic one - which I cursed the day Opa sent it - has won me over.

Anonymous said...

I think I am a playmobil fanatic. I watch how my girls play with them and they really seem to be working things out. But I am like you in that I want the toys to look good and for the kids to not get bogged down by how they "should" be playing with them. It always breaks my heart a little when I see a child pick up a toy and ask "what does it do?"

Jill said...

I love the old-fashioned wooden toys too.

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