Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

I can't believe how many posts I've written about Earth Day. Three posts complaining about the corporate machine and what it's doing to the earth. A positive one about companies doing good for the earth. A futuristic one about lunch transportation for the green generation. I shared my favorite books for tree-huggers and an easy craft using recycled crayons.

And yet... I'm writing one more post. Here's my list of easy-being-green ways to celebrate Earth Day.

1. Go Outside. Enjoy nature. Take a hike. Remember why we care about the Earth and even have Earth Day in the first place. (No latex balloons needed!)

2. Do something nice for the earth. Make a donation to Or Plant a tree. You could even just be nice to a person living on the earth.

3. Start a compost. I had to include this one because I'm obsessed lately with composting. And yes, I know it's not for everyone.

4. Ride your bike, walk or take the bus instead of driving. If you are a must-drive kinda person, carpool. Just this once.

5. Leave the TV off. It's Screen-Free Week after all. And doing this small but symbolic gesture of conservation - isn't that all Earth Day is about anyway?

Got some better ideas? Let me know how you plan to celebrate Earth Day tomorrow and every day!


Varda said...

I thought I WAS following you already... annoying. Fixed now.

Anyway, I love all this green stuff. Although composting in my NYC apartment - would get ass kicked by co-op board - not going to work. ;-)

Also while I dream of "screen-free" just not realistic to my situation right now - a go-nowhere spring break w/ boys at each others throats unless they are being separately entertained. (Have I mentioned that if autism sucks, it sucks double-time on school vacations?)

Anyway, can't WAIT for bloggy boot camp in 2 weeks! Cheers!

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

Yes, yes I will. I didn't learn to ride a bike till I was 12. Sad, I know. But, I'll be dusting my bike off today and riding it to the store to get dinner.

Jill said...

Oh sure, I'll start a compost right out on terrace.

Happy Earth Day!

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