Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Very Duck Tape Halloween

This was my most popular Halloween post during last year's 31 Days of Halloween series, so I'm giving it a re-run, with more and better Duck Tape creations.

Neither my obsession with decorating Halloween pumpkins or with Duck Tape seems to be on the wane, so why fight it? Instead I'm bringing them together here.

Just look at the incredible Halloween creations you can make with Duck Tape.

Amazing and creative Jack O'Lanterns:

A cool candy corn loot bag for your Halloween candy haul:

Or black bat decorations to spookify your home:
And... if you have mad Duck Tape skillz, you should enter Duck Tape's 2013 Stick or Treat Contest! Full details, rules and prizes are all here.
For creating your Halloween masterpiece, check out the new Halloween pattern from Duck Tape, Ghoul & the Gang!
Here are some of my favorite previous entrants to the Stick or Treat contest:
And two more duck tape pumpkins:

The Gene O'Lantern

Happy Duck Tape Halloween!
PS No compensation for this post, I just have a genuine love of Duck Tape. Love, possibly obsession, since a quick search returned close to fifty posts about Duck Tape!

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