Saturday, October 8, 2011

Incredible Pumpkins - Halloween Gone Good

Last year, I spent much of October complaining about Halloween - the slutty children's costumes, the over-the-top yard decor... in short, the commercialization of the holiday.

But not this year. No, this year I am just going to publish post after post of ridiculous Halloween stuff I find and call it Halloween Gone Good.

Today, I present Incredible Pumpkins - clearly some people think there are better ways to create a Jack O'Lantern than just hacking up a pumpkin with a kitchen knife. And while I admire them and their handiwork, there is not one of these pumpkins I think I could make myself.

I love this Polka-Dot Pumpkin, made with an apple corer, and putting pieces of one cored pumpkin into the other pumpkin:
Photo from Better Homes & Garden
Here is a close-up of the polka dotted pumpkin:
Photo from Better Homes & Gardens
In fact, Better Homes & Gardens as a whole slide show of fantastic Super-Fast Pumpkins with No-Carve Designs but there would be nothing super-fast about me doing any of these - I feel like it would take the better part of a day for me to even find an apple corer.

Better Homes & Gardens also has a slideshow entitled Quick and Easy Painted Pumpkins though  again, if I was the one doing the "quick and easy" painting it would actually be slow and agonizing... just look at these incredible pumpkins!

The Silhouette Pumpkin:

Photo from Better Homes & Gardens

The Stenciled Design:

Photo from Better Homes & Gardens
I'm sorry, but those do not look quick - or easy - to me.

Real Simple had some spectacular (but easy! really!) no-carve pumpkins, too.

I love this Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin:

Nothing says fun like kids wanting to change their pumpkin every day from now till October 31.

And last, I really love these thumbtack pumpkins.

Real Simple has initial and house number ones:

Photo from Real Simple

And MadiganMade has these simply stunning gilded pumpkins that are completely covered with gold thumbtacks.

At least she has the decency to admit it was not easy and that it took forever to put in all those brass tacks. 

And if you, like me, find that all this pumpkin awesomeness has left you feeling perhaps a little bit inferior, I leave you with one last equally cool idea that luckily requires almost no execution: The Masked Pumpkin:

Photo from Country Living


What's the most clever pumpkin you've ever seen? My husband's pick is this old favorite, the puking pumpkin:


Glamamom said...

These are amazing! Especially the gold thumb tack ones. I'm so not creative. I doubt we'll even carve LOL

Alicia Harper said...

Wow. How creative! I definitely don't have it in me to make these. But I love to look at them.

Blueviolet said...

Those are pretty darn cool, but I can't even imagine how sore her thumbs must be after pushing in all those thumbtacks. And the apple corer too. That would be so much work!

RandomHandprints said...

yes, let's leave the obsessive pumpkin decorating to them and the blogging to us!

RandomHandprints said...

you and me both! but they are amazing!

RandomHandprints said...

Carving with kids is one of the worst things

RandomHandprints said...

Pumpkinspiration - that's too perfect!

MyMomShops said...

So fun meeting you the other day! I love these pumpkin ideas...especially the thumbtacks. Going to try them soon.

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