Sunday, October 27, 2013

Four Easy Ideas for No Carve Halloween Pumpkins

If you're a regular reader, you know already that we've decorated Halloween pumpkins at our house with glitter, googly eyes and (of course) Duck Tape.

And yet, I can't seem to stop decorating pumpkins for Halloween. So if you're looking for ideas for taking a regular pumpkin (pictured center) and turning it into something fun for Halloween - try pennies, seashells, glamorous rhinestones, or spiders and spider web.

Want to know how to make the pumpkins pictured above?

Pretty Penny Pumpkin and Rhinestone Glam-a-Pumpkin: just affix the pennies or rhinestones with glue dots (regular glue didn't quite hold when I tried it).

Sassy Seashell Pumpkin: For this, I used a paintbrush and painted glue all around the edges and then held the shell on for about a minute to help it set. It still took a while to find ones that would stay, the ones with thicker edges worked best.

Spooky Spider Web Pumpkin: There is no adhesive that would get those spiders to stick to the pumpkin, which makes sense since I haven't seen any spider pumpkins that didn't have a spider web, too. To make this Halloween pumpkin, just drape spider web all over the pumpkin and then stick the spiders into the web. Easy as can be, and it's an added bonus that no glue is even required.

Do you have any other ideas for no carve Halloween pumpkins? Share!

Happy Halloween!

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