Wednesday, April 17, 2013 to Boston

I lived in Boston for six years, and while I hated the winters I loved the town. And like everyone else, I really loved Marathon Monday which represented, to me, everything good. There was so much to love about the day from the race itself to the fact that it was a spring day off from work. For me, I had the added joy of living right on the race route which meant I was truly a part of it all, even if I personally didn't exactly muster 26.2 miles.

The images of the triumphant finishers in their silver race jackets is one that I will always remember, though now that image will forevermore be overlaid with the images from the terrible tragedy that visited the running this year, and of couse this is tragically all the more true for so many others.

I'm no longer a Bostonian, now making my home in the suburbs of New York City. I'm heartened by the love my current city shows to my former one.

I couldn't stop looking over and over again at these images of rivals come together as they came across my feeds today:


If only all rivalries could come to such a quick and peaceful resolution.
My heart may be in Boston, but HONY is actually there. If you don't already follow Humans of New York, I think you'll want to. He's in Boston all week.

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Keesha said...

We all hurt for Boston, but when it's streets you've actually walked, when it's a place that holds visceral memories for you, the wound is deeper.

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