Friday, September 28, 2012

Duane Reade Balance Rewards: New Look, Big Rewards

If you're a New Yorker, you've probably already noticed the signage on the Duane Reade stores that they're changing from FlexRewards to a new program, Balance Rewards. But if you haven't shopped in a Duane Reade lately, you maybe don't know any of the details about the switch - but don't worry, that's why I'm here.

As a Duane Reade VIP Blogger, I'm going to explain the whole thing in this post. (Spoiler alert: There's really no "whole thing." It's super-easy to use the new rewards system).

The first thing you need to do is switch over your current Duane Reade FlexRewards card for a new Balance Rewards card. You can do this at any register at Duane Reade, or even online.

If you do it in-store, as I did, you'll need to dictate your information to a Duane Reade employee who needs to type it into a touch-screen - which I will admit is not an ideal system, but once it's done it's done. You even get to review your information to make sure it's all correct.

Balance Rewards signs are easily visible throughout the store, and in the store I visited, there were even festive balloons.

Use the signs and the weekly circular (available inside the store, or online) to find the best deals.

My best find was Advil ($6.99 each when you buy 2), and that's not all - that purchase also earned a fantastic 5,000 points.

I will admit that I'm not any kind of extreme couponer - I'm not even a moderate or beginner couponer - but I did take a look at the online circular at before going shopping because I wanted to see what the current good deals were both in terms of price and points, and that's where I saw the great Advil deal - a savings of $9 (31% off), plus 5,000 points.

 And if you look closely, I also got a copy of US Weekly, which was totally not for me but for the rest of my family, who cray-cray love the magazine:

I think you can redeem your points once you reach 5,000, but the cashier didn't ask if I wanted to, and I didn't ask her either because as I just mentioned, I'm not so good at the whole couponing thing - extreme or otherwise.

But I'll be back to Duane Reade soon. And when I'm there, I'm so swapping those points in and seeing what I get. Maybe enough for another copy of US Weekly!

You can see more photos of my shop, and my family reading US Weekly in the Google+ Album: Duane Reade Balance Rewards.

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Jennifer said...

I already have 15,200 balance reward points! Kinda excited to go back to the store to see what I'll get.

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